Commercial EV Charging

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging

Installing a business EV charger is not only a step towards environmental sustainability but also a strategic business decision that can attract customers, enhance your brand, and even generate additional revenue. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, having the infrastructure in place positions your business for future success.

What are the benefits of commercial EV charging?

Longer Visits: Customers stay longer while their vehicles charge, potentially boosting sales

Customer Draw: EV chargers attract EV owners, increasing foot traffic.

CSR Alignment: Support your corporate social responsibility goals.

Community Impact: Help develop local EV infrastructure.

Sustainability Leadership: Show your commitment to green initiatives and differentiate your brand.

Reputation Boost: Being eco-friendly enhances your business’s reputation.

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Promote clean energy and help reduce emissions.

Green Certifications: Earn points towards certification and accreditation

Employee Perk: Providing EV charging boosts employee satisfaction and retention.

Recruitment Perk: Attractive benefit for recruiting new employees.

Fleet Efficiency: Convenient for businesses using electric vehicles in their fleet.

Charging Fees: Earn extra income by charging for the use of EV chargers.

New Customers: Attract new visitors who come to use your charging facilities.

Full Turn-Key Solution.

Whether you’re looking for a single charger or a full car park infrastructure, we can help.

We offer a full turn-key solution from initial survey, design and DNO application, to installation, back-end set up and annual maintenance.

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Global Leading Manufacturers

We partner with only the best in the industry ensuring we give our customers a reliable and robust installation, designed to last.

All chargers come with:

  • Up to 2×22 kW charging capacity, with dual or single outlets/charging cables
  • Built-in WiFi for easier installation, wireless load balancing and online support
  • Daisy chain power and network cabling for easier, quicker and cheaper multi-outlet installations
  • Prepared for ISO 15118 and OCPP 2.0.1 – the industry’s newest open communication standards
  • Adaptable for diverse applications
  • Variety of connectivity options

EV Suppliers

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Years Of experience

Our leadership team each have over 28 years experience working within the electrical industry

Local & National Installation

Our team regularly provide installations across London and Surrey as well as travelling nationally when needed.

Quality & Reliable Service

Our team are reliable fully qualified and accredited electricians.

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Peter Grimes
Peter Grimes
15 March 2024
SES attended promptly to an UF Heating issue and diagnosed & repaired the problem quickly. I use the company regularly for their continued professionalism and quality of work.
Matt Bull
Matt Bull
28 February 2024
John and the team installed a solar and battery system for us. Really pleased with the look and performance of the system.
Max Vincze
Max Vincze
20 February 2024
Needed some help with kitchen electrics as they kept tripping. SES came round within an hour, identified the issue checked other sockets, and advised on next steps. Excellent service - wouldn't hesitate to use again.
Greg Mina
Greg Mina
18 February 2024
Needed an electrician and fast…..bedroom lights were faulty, not ideal with a baby and lights randomly turning on and off! SES were over within 30 minutes of contacting……2 friendly electricians turned up and sorted the problem quickly and efficiently. Will definitely be using again in the future and would highly recommend.