Residential Solar PV

By generating and storing your own electricity, you can use solar power even when the sun isn't shining, ensuring a consistent and reliable energy supply while contributing to a greener future
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What can Solar do for you?

Solar panel (PV) and battery storage systems (EESS) offer numerous benefits:

  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Full or partial grid independence
  • Enhance environmental sustainability
  • Decreased reliance on fossil fuels. 
  • Payment for exported excess generation (SEG)
  • Potential increased property value
  • Low maintenance
  • Extended guarantee periods to protect your investment –
Solar Panel
Solar Panels

Installation couldn't be easier

  1. Initial Consultation: We will conduct a thorough survey of your property’s suitability for solar panels, including roof orientation, structural suitability, property shading, and electricity consumption.
  2. Custom Design: A tailored solar system design will be issued detailing electricity savings, finanical incentives and the environmental benefits.
  3. Permitted development and DNO approval: We carry out a full turn-key solutions ensuring permitted development requirements and DNO approval are meet prior to any deposits being taken
  4. Protected Investment: All deposits taken are protected under the deposit protection scheme. With installation protected under a guarantee insurance 
  5. Installation: A swift and efficient installation process by experienced technicians, typically completed within a few days.
  6. Connection and Testing: Safe connection to the electrical grid and comprehensive testing to ensure optimal performance.
  7. Ongoing Support: Post-installation support and maintenance to ensure your system operates efficiently for years to come.


MCS sets, defines and maintains the Standards for low-carbon energy technology products, contractors and their installations. This includes solar,  PV and battery storage.

MCS is a mark of quality. Membership of MCS demonstrates adherence to these recognised industry Standards, highlighting quality, competency and compliance.


Why Choose Us

Years Of experience

Our leadership team each have over 28 years experience working within the electrical industry

Local & National Installation

Our team regularly provide installations across London and Surrey as well as travelling nationally when needed.

Quality & Reliable Service

Our team are reliable fully qualified and accredited electricians.

Don't take our word for it

Peter Grimes
Peter Grimes
15 March 2024
SES attended promptly to an UF Heating issue and diagnosed & repaired the problem quickly. I use the company regularly for their continued professionalism and quality of work.
Matt Bull
Matt Bull
28 February 2024
John and the team installed a solar and battery system for us. Really pleased with the look and performance of the system.
Max Vincze
Max Vincze
20 February 2024
Needed some help with kitchen electrics as they kept tripping. SES came round within an hour, identified the issue checked other sockets, and advised on next steps. Excellent service - wouldn't hesitate to use again.
Greg Mina
Greg Mina
18 February 2024
Needed an electrician and fast…..bedroom lights were faulty, not ideal with a baby and lights randomly turning on and off! SES were over within 30 minutes of contacting……2 friendly electricians turned up and sorted the problem quickly and efficiently. Will definitely be using again in the future and would highly recommend.