Residential Solar PV

The customer, who was in the process of a flat room loft conversion contacted SES with a specific requirement. The customer wanted a flat roof mounting system but didn’t want it to be weighted by ballast and instead requested it be fixed directly to the roof structure.

Working with the architect, structural engineer and builder we selected the Van de Valk Solar fix system to be the most compatible.

The 3.28kwp system also incorporated 8 x 419w Longi panels, a 3.6kw Solis hybrid inverter and 2 x 3.55kwh Pylontexh batteries.

Giving the customer a 41% saving in their electricity bill and a total saving of an estimate £38,416. We also installed the Solis Cloud monitoring system so that the customer could view his savings in real time.

Location Hinchley Wood
SkillsSolar PV